Luxury in the bush: Southern Africa’s most desirable designer Lodges – Part II

This is week two of celebrating dreamy designer lodges throughout Southern Africa. Today, we shift our focus beyond local borders to some of the brightest shining stars on the African continent. Brace yourself for some serious style!

Luxury in the bush: Southern Africa’s most desirable designer lodges – Part I

Safari experiences are no longer limited to game drives and bird watching. A new generation of private lodges offers the discerning individual luxury treats and pamper packages beyond the imaginable. We take a closer look at the design elements and cutting edge amenities that distinguishes Southern Africa’s top lodges from the pack.

Travel Concepts team overwhelmed by ‘The Greenhouse Effect’: Fine Dining at South Africa’s top restaurant

The Greenhouse Restaurant recently scooped up the 2011 Eat Out and DSTV Food Network award not only as ‘Restaurant of the Year’ but also as the ‘No 1 Restaurant in South Africa’. It has become the favourite subject of food writers, local leisure seekers, international travelers and, auspiciously, the Travel Concepts team alike.

Origin Coffee and Nigiro Tea House

Origin, is fast becoming the new star child of the coffee crowd in Cape Town. Kim, Kate and Hannes – coordinators from our sister company Wedding Concepts, decided to investigate and find out what all the fuss was about. Kate writes of their experience.

Enmasse Massage Concept

Kim Werner, one of our senior coordinators, decided to opt for a massage experience with a difference. This is what she had to say about her recent experience: