Lord of the Manor – Gracious Villa Stays in South Africa

Here are some of our favourite luxury Manor Houses in the Cape Winelands – all of the featured properties have hit the mark with us in terms of location, service, decor, luxury and the ultimate ‘X-factor’!

Exploring Cape Town through Art

Cape Town has got it all in terms of scenic beauty and as we like to describe it, natural art at its finest. However, look past the obvious scenic splendor and you will find a hugely creative city with a burgeoning and inspiring art scene in many other forms.

Luxury in the bush: Southern Africa’s most desirable designer Lodges – Part II

This is week two of celebrating dreamy designer lodges throughout Southern Africa. Today, we shift our focus beyond local borders to some of the brightest shining stars on the African continent. Brace yourself for some serious style!

Travel Concepts team overwhelmed by ‘The Greenhouse Effect’: Fine Dining at South Africa’s top restaurant

The Greenhouse Restaurant recently scooped up the 2011 Eat Out and DSTV Food Network award not only as ‘Restaurant of the Year’ but also as the ‘No 1 Restaurant in South Africa’. It has become the favourite subject of food writers, local leisure seekers, international travelers and, auspiciously, the Travel Concepts team alike.

Constantia Glen 2007: Affluence in a Glass

Richard Holt – our inhouse wine fanatic/fundi and Travel Concepts Director recently visited Constantia Glen wine estate. This is what went down – according to him!

WE LOVE – The wine route less travelled: Part 1 – Elgin Valley

For those who are keen to avoid the tourist masses and venture off the beaten track in search of a different wine tasting experience, there are some real hidden gems to be found in the winelands of the Western Cape and one of our particular favourites is the Elgin Valley.

“Under the influence” literally – A wine tasting with a difference!

White pepper, linoleum, nail polish and wait for it…sweat!!! Just a few of the bizarre aromas of some of South Africa’s increasing famous white blend wines, this according to the 30 guests (including me), who attended the latest tasting evening from Cape Town based wine company Under the Influence.

Waterford Wine Safari

The wines of the Waterford Estate near Stellenbosch are amongst our very favourites but recently wine maker Kevin Arnold has taken the wine tasting experience to a brand new level and he recently invited us to join him on his new “wine drive safari”.